Lyndon Davies: Two Soundpoems

I’ve become interested in making experiments in the sonic extension of the poem, by means of the recording and intercutting of voice, saxophone improvisation and found materials. The technologies I use are basic, the medium for montage a bog-standard Garage Band programme.

This first short piece was made after a visit to Pisa, as one of a series of four called Pisan Elegies. These fuse material found on location with elements constructed later. Elegy 3 refers to the Ugolino passage near the end of the Inferno. The Torre della Fame where Ugolino and his sons and grandsons were imprisoned and left to starve can still, at least in part, be seen on the Piazza dei Cavalieri in Pisa.

The second piece was constructed to accompany a performance of Allen Fisher’s sequence of poems, ‘proceeds in the garden’, during his joint exhibition with Penny Hallas at tactileBOSCH, Cardiff in September 2021. The poems reference Dante’s Paradiso.


A recording of Allen’s reading with this accompaniment can be found in his current Junction Box article, here:


Lyndon Davies has published six collections of poetry, most recently Bridge 116 (Aquifer 2017), Canalchemy:The Materials (Aquifer 2019) and Reset (Aquifer 2019) and a book of essays titled Resemblance(Aquifer 2019). He runs the Glasfryn Seminars, a series of discussion groups on aspects of literature and art. With poet John Goodby he organises live and zoom poetry readings with an experimental bias, called The Poetry Jamboree. With artist Penny Hallas he coordinates multi-media semi-improvised happenings called Ghost Jam.


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