Allen Fisher: Leeks and Leaves for Chris Torrance












Grieving for the civilisation now in exit,
for Chris Torrance, after Du Fu


Gaze on the peak
without ever there
green unending

compacted splendours
riving dusk and dawn
exhilarated layers of cloud

splits in eye-pupils
the entry of homing birds
a summit you never climb to

one sweep how all the world is small
days of rushing through the yard
without study

my eyes roam free
drift of clouds stretch
the level moors

cloud billows out
peals of thunder
swallows winging from the curtains

a sudden downpour
and fish sink
then hear the gate

the shore of the clear lake
a sweet banquet
the mournful strings of a shack-dweller

leave aside
his lasting radiance

blue dark waters
overhanging banks
the tips of autumn hairs

nothing larger
and the distant
is small

squinting gaze
follows the birds into

the far pastures of the nomads
turned upside-down
streams of tears

being stirred depends on true friends
the looming heights
a particular strut

the sea accepts all streams
and nowhere
accepts all additions of earth

after a long time sunlight shifted
music concluded
focused thought

in years gone
performed in the distance
roamed in vast spacetime


Allen Fisher, poet, painter, art historian,
publisher-editor Spanner, co-publisher Aloes Books.
• currently paintings in group show at Courtyard, Hereford.
• paintings and performance Kunsthall Oslo, October-November 2022.
• show and performances at tactileBOSCH, Cardiff with Penny Hallas and Lyn Davies, 2021.
• recent publication proceeds in the garden, after Dante’s Paradiso (paintings), 2022;
Black Pond (paintings and poetry), 2020;
Imperfect Fit (essays on Aesthetics, Facture & Perception, University of Alabama);
NO LONGER ALONE (poetry with photographs by Paige Mitchell).
PLACE (1971-1981) and GRAVITY AS A CONSEQUENCE OF SHAPE (1983-2007) available in a complete editions from Reality Street Editions.


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