Ian Brinton: Notes from a Correspondence with Chris Torrance

‘slowness & slow laps, say, around a center’ (Robert Creeley to Charles Olson)

In his interview with Glyn Pursglove for Poetry Wales, volume 19 no. 2, in 1983 Chris Torrance gave a picture of what it was like for him to come to Wales in 1970. He came ‘fresh and unknowing, with an enthusiasm unsullied by any prejudice or knowledge about Wales, unanticipating what was actually going to come.’ In his pursuit of history, geography and geology he recalled one particular midnight expedition which he came to see as his key into the ‘Matter of Wales’:

To read the full article: A Correspondence with Torrance




Ian Brinton’s most recent publications include Language and Death, a translation of poems by Philippe Jaccottet (Equipage, 2022), a translation of  Paul Valéry’s Selected Poems, (Muscaliet Press, 2021, with a Preface by Michael Heller), Paris Scenes, a translation of Baudelaire’s ‘Tableaux Parisiens’, (Two Rivers Press, 2021) and Islands of Voices, the selected poems of Douglas Oliver (Shearsman Books, 2020). His translation of de Nerval’s Les Chimères is due to appear shortly from Muscaliet Press. He reviews for The London Magazine, PN Review, Litter, Long Poem Magazine and Golden Handcuffs Review. He co-edits the magazine SNOW and is closely involved in running the archive of modern poetry at Cambridge University Library.



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