NIA DAVIES and TAMARA DELLUTRI: Forcing Change: Disruption, Transformation and the Poetic

Forcing Change: Disruption, Transformation and the Poetic
Nia Davies and Tamara Dellutri

Saturday, November 12th
11am – 4.30 pm

At Glasfryn, Llangattock, Powys, NP8 1PH

The event comprises two sessions, from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m, then from 2.00 p.m. onwards, followed by an open-ended discussion.

£12.00 (Concessions £10)
Contact: Lyndon Davies, Glasfryn, Llangattock, Powys NP8 1PH


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By homely gift and hindered Words
The human heart is told
Of Nothing —
“Nothing” is the force
That renovates the World —

Emily Dickinson


Poetry makes nothing happen, Auden said, but what kind of nothing? Is it Emily Dickinson’s nothing, ‘the force that renovates the world’?

In a techno landscape where capital has become the most oppressive and decisive political denominator, a world where all verbal and formal challenges to the status quo are quickly appropriated to capital’s own ends, in the face of fast-deteriorating social bonds, we can well ask if ‘transformation’ is really possible.  

Writing of the capability of poetry to create new meaning from nothing, the French Psychoanalyst Colette Soler observes that poetic language  ‘… is the least stupid saying, since only poetry (or prophecy) manages to say something new, even unique, using old and worn-out signifiers.’

Drawing on Lacanian psychoanalysis and contemporary poetry, such as the work of Aase Berg, Sean Bonney and others, Nia Davies and Tamara Dellutri explore the capability of poetry to force the limits of our symbolic universe, effecting subjective and collective transformation.


Nia Davies is a writer, poet and editor of Poetry Wales. She is undertaking practice-based research at the University of Salford. She has also worked as an international literary curator and had her work translated into several languages. Her first full-length collection of poetry All fours is out with Bloodaxe in 2017 and she has had two previous pamphlets Then spree (Salt, 2012) and Çekoslovakyal?la?t?ramad?klar?m?zdanm?s?n?z or Long Words (Boiled String – Hafan, 2016).

Tamara Dellutri is a psychoanalyst  from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is currently training in Lacanian psychoanalysis at the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research, London. She has also studied  philosophy, music and the visual arts.






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