ALLEN FISHER on Zoom: Construction and the Frame





Construction and the Frame

A talk with slides, conducted via Zoom

Saturday, May 23rd, 2020, 11am – 12.40 pm

The event comprises two sessions, the first beginning at 11.00 am, followed by a 20 minute break and then a second session beginning at 12.00. A third session for questions will be added, at 1.00 pm.

Construction and the Frame.

We enjoy a variety of artistic successes without need to articulate how we make each of them lucid. Our practice of looking at pictures is embedded in our culture. It comprises a number of conventions and shared practices that have informed both the painter and the viewer. The facturing of paintings and the practice of looking at them follow procedures that involve guidelines, that include recognition of previous practices and particular expectations.

Proportion and its cousin Construction have always been seminal in artistic practice. One aspect of this comes through artistic attention to vertical and horizontal edges, a feature that has always been important in formal architecture and became a necessary attention in painting in Roman times and in the period of illuminated manuscripts in medieval Europe and consequently in more recent and contemporary presentations.

The talk addresses these attentions and some of the consequences of their developments.


Glasfryn Construction and the Frame May 2020 slide list


Allen Fisher ( is a poet, painter and art historian. He worked in a lead works, studied physics and human physiology, then art, drawing and colour at Goldsmiths, then Essex, came to live in Hereford to teach and stayed. He is Emeritus Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University. Retrospective shows of his paintings have been in King’s Manor Gallery York (1993); Hereford Museum & Gallery (1994) Lulham Gallery, London (1998 and 2002), King’s College Archive (2003) and Applestore Gallery Hereford (2013).

Work in public collections include Tate Gallery, London; King’s Archive, University of London; Hereford City Museum; Living Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Recent publications include the art-book Black Pond 7Imperfect Fit (essays on Aesthetics, Facture & Perception, University of Alabama); No Longer Alone (poetry with photographs by Paige Mitchell). Two longer works of poetry, Gravity as a consequence of shape (1983-2007) and PLACE (1971-1981) are now available in a complete form from Reality Street Editions.




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