Sascha Aurora Akhtar: Occulted Petals


Sascha Aurora Akhtar says: My piece: Occulted Petals is a moving image poetry piece in honour of Geraldine Monk. She uses that juxtaposition of words in her brilliant poetry collection Advent from Crater Press.



Sascha Aurora Akhtar has crafted six metaphysical poetry collections, a short story collection Of Necessity And Wanting embracing social realism and a volume comprising a biography and first time translations of Hijab Imtiazs’ little known manuscript Adab-E-Zareen upcoming in 2022 with Oxford University Press. Akhtar is a Poetry School tutor and lecturer at the University of Greenwich. She performs internationally, some highlights include the Emirates Festival of Literature 2022 and Rotterdam Poetry Festival 2012.  Latest writings appear in the Prototype Annual 4, Cut-Purse (Tangerine Press, 2022), Of Myths and Mothers anthology 2022 and Lucy Writers Platform. Akhtar has poetry forthcoming with both Intergraphia and Haverthorn Press. Her latest poetic works embrace many forms, mostly eschewing the ‘book’ or the ‘page’.


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