Allen Fisher: For John James


Wandering for John, after Friedrich 2022-11-08



For John James, after Hölderlin


 Unforgettably came, astonishing

Hot, that plenitude. For we lack

Song, which frees us

now we are far apart

sharer of my sorrows

And trees surrounded us with fragrances


Came over us, dumbfounding

Hot is wealth. For we lack

Song that loosens the mind

where we went separate ways

sharer of my sufferings

And there was fragrance of trees around us


In time for lunch, speechless

Hot that encounter. For we lack

Song that lifts our intentions

until we met again

Distant, in the undergrowth, and trees

Were all around us with their scent




Allen Fisher, poet, painter, art historian,
publisher-editor Spanner, co-publisher Aloes Books.
• currently paintings in group show at Courtyard, Hereford.
• paintings and performance Kunsthall Oslo, October-November 2022.
• show and performances at tactileBOSCH, Cardiff with Penny Hallas and Lyn Davies, 2021.
• recent publication proceeds in the garden, after Dante’s Paradiso (paintings), 2022;
Black Pond (paintings and poetry), 2020;
Imperfect Fit (essays on Aesthetics, Facture & Perception, University of Alabama);
NO LONGER ALONE (poetry with photographs by Paige Mitchell).
PLACE (1971-1981) and GRAVITY AS A CONSEQUENCE OF SHAPE (1983-2007) available in a complete editions from Reality Street Editions.


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