Anthony Mellors: Canto


‘The supremely important thing is that we should not lose sight of the poetic reality through being too meticulous in our search for the right interpretation’. – Umberto Cosmo

‘Look, the main thing is that I don’t come a cropper!’ – J.Lacan


concrete the water
less concrete
to an aesthetic of failure
the success of it
avoiding downcycle
flanging & print-through
due to the accumulation of
tramp elements in secondary metals
cascading yet
the value of the upcycle
which remains to be seen

precycle saturation of
data processing
delivered straight to your front door
unpatterned circle on the back
that once held a label
chicken supreme
still around in timewarp
diet of paste and weak tea

Ah, Beatrice (Laura)
yellow of the sempiternal rose
Knitting Banksy multum in parvo
what herbs
for a plague doctor’s beak

that’s what my heart yearns for now
mother’s pride
more crumbs than bread
stuck in the machine

parts from moving
to push something with difficulty
into something else
sliding on bottom algae

if there’s anything around here
you think you can use. are
you really an orphan like us?

I am cold &
it does feel like winter

we are homeless & work
among strangers
we are stars, we are nameless
speaking in cyphers
mirrors mirroring mirrors

the mantra is structure
substance, accident, & mode
a simple trick to become fluent


Anthony Mellors specializes in mid-century interiors. Recent written work includes’Modernism After Modernism’ in Alex Davis and Lee Jenkins, eds, A History of Modernist Poetry (Cambridge University Press, 2015), ‘Eurydike’ in Snow 7 (Spring 2019), and Steven Hitchins’s Canalchemy Microanthology (2019). Excerpts from Winter Journey appeared in Junction Box 15. Latest project is Red Cills Three: Poems of the 2010s.


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