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Page 1


Fran Lock: With my Protecting Angels I Navigate Hell

Pierre Joris: This Afternoon Dante

Steph Goodger: Inferno

Ellen Dillon: Seeking Dantist

Allen Fisher: Proceeds in the Garden; after Dante

Eléna Rivera: Speak

Robert Hampson: Piazza dei Signori

Philip Terry: Purgatorio Canto XI

Beth Greenhalgh: Lethe

Peter Hughes and David Rees: Let’s Dantz


Page 2

David Annwn: Dantesserae

Lee Duggan: from ‘Navigation’

David Rees Davies: for Dante

montenegrofisher: Dragonflies

Rebecca Chesney: To the Uncommitted

Ian Brinton: Canto V of Inferno, plus Dante and Beckett

Stephen Emmerson: circles

Susan Adams: The Ha Ha Man

Tom Jenks: Spiral Texts

Penny Hallas: Elevator

Robert Sheppard: Thinking About Dante


Page 3

Simon Collings: Commedia

Graham Hartill: Cosmology

Nerys Williams: This New Life

Doug Jones: Purgatory

Scott Thurston: Figure Detached Figure Impermanent

Angela Gardner: The Painful Abyss

Chris McCabe: midpoint

Tessa Waite: upriver

Lyndon Davies: Two Soundpieces

Anthony Mellors: Canto

Peter Larkin: Engladings


Page 4

Dr.Frances Woodley, Steven Hitchins and Lyndon Davies: Report on the Materials from the Garden Exhibition

Cia Rinne: The Thickness of Books

Gavin Selerie: Silent Inferno

John Goodby: Paradiso X 133 – 148



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