Beth Greenhalgh: Lethe


Says something
Awaits response

Recall, says something, you remember how it went….
‘And then, start, and then,’
‘And then,’
‘It’s sorta got these like two heads, two heads.
And then….
Looked like….
Moving along, and erm, there was a chapel in the sky and all the trees are pointing in the same direction, guiding you home.
Which is helpful….
You gotta remember to take a deep breath and just go with it
It’s been a while….
And then… it like sorta turned to stone….
They all face the same way.’
Melodic notes match the tone of the river. Sharp glitches a fragmented reality of something that may have happened.

“riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay“… A moonlit journey on the banks of the Lethe – there is an abundance of hope for all ye who enter here…take leave of your senses and enter the realm of the long forgotten – whispers on the wind, murmurs in the burbling ripples – succumb to the rhythm of the rain and move with the tides of the moon.

Beth Greenhalgh: I consider drawing and writing to be at the heart of my practice and from these subconscious musings, blueprints and sketches, ideas evolve into performance, installation, ritual, video and sound pieces.

I enjoy a spontaneity to my work and am interested in foraging for ideas and themes within ancient practices and modern-day popular culture. Weaving the old with fresh interpretation. Often playing with the sacred, the profane and the surreal. Creating a multi-sensory experience that creates possible conditions for communication and exchange. I am interested in presence and performance as a site for potential transformation; interpersonally and communally.

Nothing is ever definite, but everything here happens with reason. Material has been collected, foraged and transformed. A scene unfolds and inhabits body and environment.


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