Stephen Emmerson: circles

Stephen Emmerson: I’ve been writing a lot of poems recently that use basic geometrical patterns and shapes in place of traditional lyric sentiment – so I thought I’d try and see if I could respond to the Commedia in the same way.


To read the poems: circles


Stephen Emmerson is a lyric poet who’s work is often described as innovative or experimental. Concerned with form and the boundaries of language his most recent practice explores personal history, trauma, and the nature and geography of Romney Marsh.

He is the author of   A Piece, Poetry Wholes, and Family Portraits, all of which are published by If P Then Q. Other works include: Dungeness Guillemot Press Landlines Pamenar Press and Pett Level Deaths of Workers…

He also makes poetry objects such as Pharmacopoetics, Remains, Breath, Rilke Translations, Homeopoetry, and History of the English Working Class.

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