Steph Goodger: Inferno

The Inferno is not an infinite realm, Dante is very clear about its geographical limits. Yet it is eternal, going around and around, producing, and sustaining its own energies, its fires and winds, its regions of boiling heat and freezing cold. The punishments themselves are based on eternal repetition. There is no peace, no hope, no rest.

The Inferno has no exterior, no source of light apart from the burning of its many fires. What do we see in their flickering warmth? The green pastures of Limbo, the rivers, rocky paths, figures in the swirling winds, the deep red of boiling blood, the bright yellow of burning sand, a dark, dense wood, and the high walls of the City of Dis. Below Dis are torch-lit trenches, presided over by demon guardians, and finally, the cold tones of Lake Cocytus, the ‘river of mourning’…

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Steph Goodger lives and works between Bordeaux, France, and the UK. Steph was a prize winner in the John Moores Painting Prize, 2020, having previously been an exhibitor in 2016 and 2004. She was also a judge for the BEEP Wales International Painting Prize, 2020.

Recent exhibitions include, Walking in Two Worlds, at Oceans Apart Gallery, Manchester and CARN Gallery, Caernarfon, Wales, 2021; Open, No Format Gallery, London, 2021; Every Day, at Terrace Gallery, London, 2020; and Creekside Open Exhibition, at APT Gallery, London, 2019. Steph had a solo exhibition, History’s Extras, at Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool, 2018.

In France, Steph had two public exhibitions in France, in 2020: Histoire(s) de peinture, Le Pôle Culture, Lormont, with fellow painter Franck Garcia; and Où tombe l’ombre, Le Forum des arts et de la Culture, Talence, with artist Jonathan Hindson. She also had a solo exhibition at Christie’s Real Estate Agents, Bordeaux, in 2020.


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