Khaled Hakim: Four Dances with Light

A film-poem sequence created by invitation for Junction Box – Glasfryn Project. Dedicated to John Goodby, cris cheek, and especially Rezia Wahid. The four films existed first, but I was conscious that few people these days want to watch almost abstract, soundless visuals. One part of me resents the intrusion of words, because strangely as a poet I am drawn to the discursive long form but when I am drawn to tap something lyrically short I produce these wordless films as my ‘poems’. The descriptive titles (‘Come’, ‘Go’, ‘Stay’, ‘Kiss’) relate to the film imagery but not necessarily to the text-poem.

Formerly working in film and TV, Khaled Hakim has claims to being the first homegrown British-Asian experimental poet, working with semi-improvisatory performances in the 1980s and 90s. Largely refusing to publish at the time, he abandoned both writing and film in the new millennium to become a Sufi student and musician. He returned to writing after a decade and has published Letters from the Takeaway (Shearsman 2019), The Book of Naseeb (Penned in the Margins 2020) and The Routines: 1983-2000 (Contraband Books 2021). A new book To the Hitchhiking Dead is planned for 2022 release.


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