Lee Duggan: from Via Settembre

Author’s note:

Via Settembre is a long sequence made up of short, discrete units.  Hinging these units are distorted movements and repetitions; shifting focus to disable a sense of ‘self’ and ‘known’ landscape.  Much of the work responds to walks and swims taken during September 2019 in North West Wales, but as the title suggests there is an infusion of Italian experience here too. The sequence sits between three others, Green Oystercatcher (2019), Wanderings and an untitled work in progress.  Each was written in part during trips to Italy, with the art, architecture, natural world and language fusing with versions of being.  Sections from the sequence have also appeared in NOON Journal of the Short Poem Issue 16.

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Lee Duggan is a poet based in the foothills of Snowdonia.  With a focus on marginalisation she explores reclaimed landscapes through innovative approaches to language and facilitates writing for wellbeing workshops.  Her first collection, Reference Points was published by Aquifer (2017) which received positive review in the 2018 summer edition of Poetry Wales and in Eliptical Movements (July 2020).  In 2019 her Green sequence was published by Oystercatcher Press. Her work appeared in the important anthology of contemporary Welsh innovative poetry, The Edge of Necessary (2018) Aquifer. 




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