Graham Hartill: A Day’s Work (Men Inside 5)

We believe, in any event, that the body obeys the exclusive laws of physiology and that it escapes the influence of history, but this too is false. The body is moulded by a great many distinct regimes; it is broken down by the rhythm of work, rest and holidays; it is poisoned by food or values, through eating habits or moral laws; it constructs resistances…It will uproot its traditional foundations and relentlessly disrupt its pretended continuity. This is because knowledge is not made for understanding; it is made for cutting. 

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Graham Hartill lives in the Black Mountains, works as a writer-in-residence at HMP Parc, Bridgend, South Wales and teaches on the Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes MSc for the Metanoia Institute. He has published widely: poetry, articles, papers on facilitation and co-translations from classical Chinese. Forthcoming and recent poetry: Necklace: new poems (in production, working title), Aquifer Books, Llangatock, 2020; Selected Poetic Writings of the Seven Worthies of the Bamboo Grove (with Wu-Fu-sheng)The Commercial Press, Beijing, 2020; Selected Poems of the Seven Masters of the Jian’an Era (with Wu- Fu-Sheng), The Commercial Press, Beijing, 2018; Slipping the Leash (with Chris Torrance & Phil Maillard) Aquifer Books, Llangatock 2015.

Selected articles: Hartill, G. (2017) Versions of Events: Lies, Judgments and Poems. Poetry Wales Vol. 53 No 1; Rapport, F. & Hartill, G. (2012) Crossing Disciplines with Ethnographic Poetic Representation. Poetic Inquiry Vol. 5 no. 2.; Rapport, F. & Hartill, G. (2010). Poetics of Memory: In Defence of Literary Experimentation with Holocaust Survivor Testimony. Anthropology and Humanism. Vol.35 no.1


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