ALLEN FISHER: Some Black Mountain Artists

Black Mountain College Celebration, Crickhowell, 2018. Notes for a preamble. For our purposes here I have drawn up a set of five ideas that have been structural undercurrents to my practice for just over 50 years and which could partly be attributed to the encounters at Black Mountain College.

ONE a critique of logical discourse. Olson writes: ‘We have lived long in a generalising time, at least since 450 [B.C.E.]. And it has had its effect on the best of [humankind] … Logos, or discourse, for example, has in that time, so worked its abstractions into our concept and use of language that language and language’s other function, speech, seems so in need of restoration …’ The bad habits bred by this system of discourse have cut humankind off from elemental contact with the phenomenal world.

TWO a critique of the traditional conceptions of the self and individualistic lyric. what Olson called ‘getting rid of the lyrical interference of the individual as ego’…

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Allen Fisher Black Mountain Celebration preamble.

Allen Fisher, Franz Kline and Robert Rauschenberg

Allen Fisher, Anni Albers and Josef Albers


Allen Fisher. Recent books: Tip Regard, Sputtor, Gravity as a consequence of shape, and Imperfect Fit (an aesthetics of fracture, function and perception). Recent work has been on Black Ponds in Powys. See YouTube film:


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