LOUISE ASHCROFT: You Know That Bit There

“You know that bit there. One shoe. By the meaty estuary, and it’s all… trickling. Where the two smells meet. Detergent. Round the back of the ASDA. And he’s inhaling the vapours of the chicken shop. Extractor. Reverse cursing. Words scratched backwards into whitewashed windows. Closing down. You follow the lead in his hand and there’s a dog on the end. The dog is wearing the man’s glasses. Not novelty glasses, not dog glasses, but NHS glasses. You know that bit, by the bin. And it’s overflowing. Another shoe. With the octopus men, and they are grappling with cow carcasses. Red all over them. But why are they wearing white overalls anyway when they could be wearing red, and it wouldn’t look so…you know? That bit there.”

In September 2016, Floating Island Gallery organised a series of temporary artist-in-residence studio spaces at Brunel House in Cardiff, an office block in process of refurbishment. On the 5th October, all participating artists gathered to show the fruits of their residencies at Brunel House. Louise Ashcroft showed some of her own video work and created the improvisational performance you can see below. She describes this performance as “an experiment in mapping space and mapping memory through improvisation and repetition.”


Louise Ashcroft of Floating Island Gallery performs at the gala evening of the Concentric project at Brunel House, Cardiff.

Born in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Louise Ashcroft lives and works in London. She graduated from the Ruskin School of Art (Oxford University) and Birkbeck (University of London). She also studied Sculpture at The Royal College of Art and is co-founder of the alternative art school AltMFA. She also runs Floating Island, an artist-led gallery and project space, curating exhibitions, residencies, education and events in a series of temporary venues in London, Manchester, Bristol and beyond. Louise works with writing, live performance, video and sculpture. She also curates, teaches and makes things happen.




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