DAVID GREENSLADE: City of Opal Altars

These images come from a forthcoming collection called City of Opal Altars (Dark Windows). Each graphic image is accompanied by a very short story of around 150 words.  The City of Opal Altars has come under the cosh of a team of prophet-bandits. Citizens are obliged to carry the eggs of these bandits in much the same way water carries the eggs of frogs and toads. Over many years not only the human spirit but human physicality and behaviour has become distorted. Objects too have become freakish victims of the conditions these brutes impose. Piety haunts all keyboards, but down in the sewers some obstinate heresy keeps stirring things up.

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David Greenslade has many books in print in Welsh and in English.  The Government of Oman Ministry of Heritage recently published his book Ibtisam al Habsi and her Zanzibar Court Since then Dark Windows Press has published work of his, in Welsh, with John Welson.    He is currently co-editing a book of translations of Czech surrealist poet Josef Janda.


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