Penny Hallas says: ‘Intro’ is a brief extract from a currently developing work centred on the Eglwys Faen cave on Llangattock mountain, Powys. Over the last few years, a certain proportion of my art practice has concerned itself with exploring ideas evolving from my fascination with this cave, sometimes in collaboration with other artists, musicians and poets. This continuing engagement has given rise to artworks in various genres, including drawing, painting and film, many of which I have included under the umbrella title of The Orpheus Project. Current explorations of film and projection in Eglwys Faen have developed from an event at The Tales We Tell exhibition in Wrexham. This involved film, poetry, music and voice improvisation, supplied by Scott Thurston, Rhys Trimble, Steve Boyland, Anthony Mellors and Lyndon Davies.

The soundtrack for ‘Intro’ derives from an earlier collaborative event at the cave, called Frederick J Fredericks. Improvised music from the very depths of the cave is provided by Team Sports.

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Born in the North of England, Penny Hallas has lived and worked in Wales for a number of years. Her practice includes drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and film-making, balancing studio based work, with more collaborative approaches.



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