WU FUSHENG AND GRAHAM HARTILL: Translating Chinese Poetry

Wu Fu-Sheng and Graham Hartill in BBC Swansea studio.

Wu Fu-Sheng and Graham Hartill in BBC Swansea studio.

Glasfryn seminars hosted Professor Wu Fusheng from the University of Utah on the 4th May 2014. He spoke about the history and forms of classical Chinese poetry and his approach to his recent project, the translation of Dylan Thomas’s poems into Chinese.

Here he is filmed in conversation with his long time friend and collaborator, Graham Hartill. Having met in 1984, when Graham was teaching at Nankai University, they have worked by correspondence on translation and done readings and presentations together in the USA. Their second collection, after twenty years of work, has recently been published in China by the Commercial Press, and they have a third appearing this year. This latest book features the work of Cao Zhi, a princely poet with more of a taste for drink than warfare, who lived from 192-232 AD.

Fusheng’s other works include: The Poetics of Decadence: Chinese Poetry of Southern Dynasties and Late Tang Periods. State University of New York Press; Written at Imperial Command: Panegyric Poetry in Early Medieval China. State University of New York Press; and A Study of English Translations of Chinese Poetry: James Legge, Herbert Giles, Arthur Waley, and Ezra Pound. Beijing: The Academy Press, as well as volumes of translation: Songs of My Heart: The Lyric Poetry of Ruan Ji, with Graham Hartill. London: Wellsweep Press. His many articles include: On Keats’ Negative Capability in Foreign Literature Review, and The Subject-Object Relations in Chinese Tang and English Romantic Nature Poetry, in Comparative Literature in China.

Fusheng is a devotee of English Romanticism and loved revisiting Tintern Abbey on this visit, at the height of a beautiful Spring!

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