ALLEN FISHER: The Aesthetics of the Imperfect Fit

Allen Fisher, Notes for the Glasfryn Seminar,
The Æsthetics of the Imperfect Fit, and a coda
(Sustained Resilience: Joseph Beuys, Vitrine 28, 1962-1980)
delivered on 25th February 202 in Llangattock, Wales.

These pages are notes made in preparation for the Seminar

and should not be thought of as a complete articulation of it.


today’s seminar is in three sets, two before lunch, one after

the subject is aesthetics, the underlying themes are facture and aesthetic reception

eventually the subject will be how meaning might be achieved by slow accretions and lead to aspects of truth telling

the two sets before lunch blur some of their parameters,

these are the ideas of the natural and cultural worlds,

worlds that are clearly inseparable.

TO READ THIS ARTICLE CLICK HERE : The Æsthetics of the Imperfect Fit

Allen Fisher is a poet, painter, publisher and art historian, lives in Hereford. Over 140 single-authored publications of poetry, graphics and art documentation; contributed to Fluxshoe England West in 1970s; exhibited in many shows from Fluxus Britannica Tate Britain to Lifting from fear King’s Gallery York. Examples of his work are in the Tate Collection, the Living Museum, Iceland and various private collections in America, Australia, Britain and UAE. Seven recent books were Proposals: poem-image-commentary; Leans; Confidence in lack, essays; Singularity Stereo, Place; Entanglement; and Gravity. Recent talks included The Æsthetics of the Imperfect Fit with a coda for Joesph Beuys, at Glasfryn Seminars, and Poetic facture and visual art for Plymouth Contemporary Poetry & Source.


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