Rhys Trimble and Lee Duggan: trees trees trees

The following poem in response to Chris Torrance emerged through Rhys Trimble and Lee Duggan’s ongoing collaborative project.


To Read the Poem: trees trees trees



Rhys Trimble is a neurodiverse, bilingual, Welsh, English and Wenglish poet, visual-poet, teacher, translator, performer, critic, musician [in Lolfa Binc, Punk, Anxiolytics electro, in gglec -sound art and Wolframite in Nantes – improvised ensemble], visual artist, mystic, pastynwr, performance artist, publisher and editor [of ctrl+alt+del ezine] born in Zambia, raised in South Wales and resident in North Wales. www.rhystrimble.com


Lee Duggans first collection, Reference Points (Aquifer 2017) met with enthusiastic reviews in Poetry Wales, Elliptical Movements, and Litter Magazine. Her highly individual sonnet sequence Green (Oystercatcher 2019) was also met with critical acclaim. Lee’s work featured in the ground breaking anthology of contemporary Welsh innovative poetry, The Edge of Necessary (Aquifer 2018). More recently her work has appeared in Golden Handcuffs Review, Black Box Manifold, Tentacular, Tears in the Fence, Noon, Molly Bloom, Poetry Wales, Seren and Junction Box.  She has forthcoming collections from Aquifer and Contraband.



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