Jeremy Hilton: Poems for Chris Torrance

Introductory notes to the poems –

The 5-part sequence of poems, “Roads to Glynmercher” was written in the early months of 2001 as a contribution to the celebration of Chris’s 60th birthday. My aim was to try and convey something about the person and the place – Torrance and his remote cottage – through the different approaches I had made, driving my car, over the previous 30 years. I was aware of a shortage, compared to Europe and the U.S., notably Dorn and Kerouac, of road poems in British alternative poetry. The final poem of the five attempts to convey a sense of the invisible and spiritual pathways associated with Chris Torrance and Glynmercher.

The “Elegy for Chris Torrance” was written about 2 months after his death.

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Jeremy Hilton was born in 1945 in what is now Greater Manchester, and now lives in Bridport, Dorset, with his partner, the writer Kim Taplin. He is a retired social worker, writer, poet and composer of contemporary chamber music. His other enthusiasms are bird-watching, stamp-collecting, bridge-playing, and until recently hill-walking. His poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies worldwide since the 1960s, and he has published 14 books of poetry and one novel. A number of his musical compositions, including two string quartets, have been performed in concert. Between 1995 and 2012, he edited and published Fire, an influential and international poetry magazine. His two recent publications have been Fulmar’s Wing (Knives Forks & Spoons Press), a 78-poem sequence of “irregular sonnets” lamenting the crisis state of Planet Earth, and Far World From Silesia (Brimstone Press), an exploration in prose and verse of the life and works of Emin Pasha.



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