David Annwn: Solid Light: Ways Through Transparent Books

Author’s note:

Though we have all grown up surrounded by plastic and other transparent media, there is still something wonderful and magical about the apparent paradox of a see-through book. I’d come into possession of a number of these volumes over years and then distinguished calligrapher, Thomas Ingmire, cast one of my poems in this form. That the glistening depths of this kind of book can be looked down through and that they operate simultaneously on so many levels fascinated me. Additionally, I found that hardly anything had been written before on this publishing phenomena so I leapt at the chance. My thanks to all the artists involved.

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David Annwn is a critic of book, film and magic lantern materiality and an innovative poet whose work appeared in The Edge of Necessary (Aquifer, 2018). Gothic Effigy, A Guide to Dark Visibilities (MUP, 2018) and Re-envisaging the First Age of Cinematic Horror (UWP, 2019) are among his recent critical books and his poetry includes Red Bank (Knives, Forks and Spoons, 2018) and Palimpsest, with calligraphy by Thomas Ingmire (Scriptorium St Francis, 2020). The San Francisco film-maker Howard Munson has created seven films in collaboration with Annwn’s poetry, including Jeu de Marseilles (2019) and Microcosmos Stir (2020).


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