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Anthony Mellors: Winter Journey

In 2014, as a creative response to conditions in the former East Germany after reunification, fugitive Dessau poet Daniel zur Höhe (1960– ) completed his multi-layered, paranoid reinventions of the twenty four lyrics by Wilhelm Müller that became the basis for Schubert’s greatest... ... Read More

Eléna Rivera and Peter Hughes: Arrangements

Arrangements consists of two sequences written between Peter Hughes and Eléna Rivera. Sequence one, ‘Seasons’, was written between November... ... Read More

Caroline Goodwin: Matanuska

Caroline Goodwin’s Matanuska is good for what ails you, from snow-blindness to work-worn hands to the heaviness of grief. Each poem in this remarkable collection begins with the name of a plant,... ... Read More

Dorothy Lehane: House Girl

The girl in the sequence is diseased and stigmatised, locked away in the house. Siblings perform diagnostic ceremonies and make home-made treatments using potions from the natural world. With a sense... ... Read More

Sarah Crewe: ‘garn’

garn re-imagines Eliza Doolittle from Pygmalion and places her in the twenty-first century, cutting across landscapes from Liverpool to London. The book positions her through a series... ... Read More

‘Rhapsodies’ – Graham Hartill

  Graham Hartill on Rhapsodies: Rhapsodies is a pretty wide book I think, a selection from a decade’s work; it contains nine... ... Read More

‘By Tiny Twisting Ways’ – Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson's poetry is both moving and full of movement. It explores what it takes to weather a landscape,... ... Read More

‘Resonance Field’ by David Annwn

This collection of recent poems 2016-2020 engages with the world perceived as shifting fields of magnetic energy and includes selected images from... ... Read More

‘Canalchemy: The Lager Kilns’ by Steven Hitchins

The Lager Kilns gathers together texts and images created by Steven Hitchins for The Canalchemy... ... Read More

‘Canalchemy: The Materials’ by Lyndon Davies

The Materials gathers together poems and images created by Lyndon Davies for The Canalchemy Project, a collaborative... ... Read More

‘The Handle of the Door’ by Christopher Twigg

The Handle of the Door is Christopher Twigg’s first new collection since A Cherub that Sees Them (2003)... ... Read More

‘floss’ by Sarah Crewe

floss is an exploration of working class feminist psychogeography, via flick, a woman thing and a phantom dog named floss. The poems explore sites of erasure and loss in Central... ... Read More

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