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Dorothy Lehane: House Girl

The girl in the sequence is diseased and stigmatised, locked away in the house. Siblings perform diagnostic ceremonies and make home-made treatments using potions from the natural world. With a sense of thwarted belongingness, the house girl is simultaneously complicit and disobedient. While grieving... ... Read More

Sarah Crewe: ‘garn’

garn re-imagines Eliza Doolittle from Pygmalion and places her in the twenty-first century, cutting across landscapes from Liverpool to London. The book positions her through a series... ... Read More

‘Rhapsodies’ – Graham Hartill

  Graham Hartill on Rhapsodies: Rhapsodies is a pretty wide book I think, a selection from a decade’s work; it contains nine... ... Read More

‘By Tiny Twisting Ways’ – Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson's poetry is both moving and full of movement. It explores what it takes to weather a landscape,... ... Read More

‘Resonance Field’ by David Annwn

This collection of recent poems 2016-2020 engages with the world perceived as shifting fields of magnetic energy and includes selected images from... ... Read More

‘Canalchemy: The Lager Kilns’ by Steven Hitchins

The Lager Kilns gathers together texts and images created by Steven Hitchins for The Canalchemy... ... Read More

‘Canalchemy: The Materials’ by Lyndon Davies

The Materials gathers together poems and images created by Lyndon Davies for The Canalchemy Project, a collaborative... ... Read More

‘The Handle of the Door’ by Christopher Twigg

The Handle of the Door is Christopher Twigg’s first new collection since A Cherub that Sees Them (2003)... ... Read More

‘floss’ by Sarah Crewe

floss is an exploration of working class feminist psychogeography, via flick, a woman thing and a phantom dog named floss. The poems explore sites of erasure and loss in Central... ... Read More

The Edge of Necessary

The Edge of Necessary is the first ever anthology of contemporary innovative Welsh and Wales-connected poetry in English. Wales has a strong tradition of dis-established, linguistically challenging literatures, and... ... Read More

Lyndon Davies: Resemblance

Resemblance contains a selection of prose-pieces written over twenty years or so, some being published here for the first time. Most are about literature, but some are about much more than literature,... ... Read More

‘Poems for the Dance’ by Scott Thurston

  Containing an essay, and poems, occasioned by the author’s engagement with Five Rhythms and other improvised dance... ... Read More

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