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Sarah Crewe: a letter to uncle alexei

a letter to uncle alexei is a fictional poetic postcard to a fictional uncle, Alexei Sayle. It is an exploration of the challenges of working class parenthood across psychogeographical landscapes, timeframes and mindslips. 'Both the form and the content of Sarah... ... Read More

Allen Fisher: Migraine Conference

Migraine Conference brings together all the poetry from six of the nine books published since Gravity as a consequence of shape: Fall air Sound (2015), BLACK POND (2018-21, a limited... ... Read More

Robert Sheppard: Doubly Stolen Fire

"Mixing and matching hybrid modes – memoir, essay, creative non-fiction, fiction, fictional poems, psychogeographical dérives, jokes, footnotes and poetics – Doubly Stolen... ... Read More

Mélisande Fitzsimons: The Only Country in the World

'Mélisande Fitzsimons’s new collection is jam-packed with intrigue, interesting information, surreal and dreamy interjections... ... Read More

Anthony Mellors: Folk Etymology

Folk Etymology contains most of the poems written by Anthony Mellors during the 2010s. It includes individual poems and sequences written for the most varied of circumstances, including a... ... Read More

Tim Allen: Very Rare Poems Upon the Earth

Tim Allen’s Very Rare Poems Upon The Earth is a glorious ticker-tape parade through the city of language on an evening when the wind has blown René Magritte’s... ... Read More

Lee Duggan: Residential Poems

  Lee Duggan’s Residential Poems are migratory and expansive, roaming between north Wales and fragmentary cities, dissolving the boundaries between spaces and species with their... ... Read More

Lyndon Davies: Mont-Saint-Jean

On the morning of the eighteenth of June 1815, the Duke of Wellington deployed his troops along a ridge near the village of Mont-Saint-Jean, in what is now north-central Belgium. What followed... ... Read More

Anthony Mellors: Winter Journey

In 2014, as a creative response to conditions in the former East Germany after reunification, fugitive Dessau poet Daniel zur Höhe (1960– ) completed his multi-layered, paranoid reinventions... ... Read More

Eléna Rivera and Peter Hughes: Arrangements

Arrangements consists of two sequences written between Peter Hughes and Eléna Rivera. Sequence one, ‘Seasons’, was written between November... ... Read More

Caroline Goodwin: Matanuska

Caroline Goodwin’s Matanuska is good for what ails you, from snow-blindness to work-worn hands to the heaviness of grief. Each poem in this remarkable collection begins with the name of a plant,... ... Read More

Dorothy Lehane: House Girl

The girl in the sequence is diseased and stigmatised, locked away in the house. Siblings perform diagnostic ceremonies and make home-made treatments using potions from the natural world. With a sense... ... Read More

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