Ghost Jam at tactileBOSCH


Ghost Jam UTCC flier

A new performance by Ghost Jam coming up on Friday November 1st in 37 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, on the opening night of the major tactileBOSCH exhibition, UNDERTHECOUNTERCULTURE (see all details on the flyers). This performance, which will start at 8.00 pm celebrates a new audio-visual installation created by Penny Hallas, Tessa Waite and Lyndon Davies for their part in the tactileBOSCH exhibition. With Scott Thurston, Camilla Nelson, Wanda O’Connor, Steven Hitchins, Anthony Mellors, John Goodby, Tilla Brading, Lyndon Davies, Tessa Waite and Penny Hallas.

“Performance is currency in the deep world’s gift economy. The ‘deep world’ is of course the thousand-million-year old world of rock, soil, water, air, and all living beings, all acting through their roles. ‘Currency’ is what you pay your debt with. We all receive, every day, the gifts of the Deep World, from the air we breathe to the food we eat. How do we repay that gift? Performance. A song for your supper…
The human contribution to the planetary ecology might be our entertaining eccentricity, our skills as musicians and performers, our awe-inspiring dignity as ritualists and solemn ceremonialists — because that is what seems to delight the watching wild world…
Performance is art in motion; in the moment; both enactment and embodiment. This is exactly what nature herself is…”
(Gary Snyder)

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