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The Edge of Necessary

The Edge of Necessary is the first ever anthology of contemporary innovative Welsh and Wales-connected poetry in English. Wales has a strong tradition of dis-established, linguistically challenging literatures, and the distinctive work of writers such as David Jones, Dylan Thomas, and Lynette Roberts set a high... ... Read More

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Poems for the Dance

  Containing an essay, and poems, occasioned by the author’s engagement with Five Rhythms and other improvised dance and movement practices over more than a decade, Poems for the Dance is a multi-faceted enquiry... ... Read More

Lee Final Front Cover

Reference Points

Lee Duggan's first collection combines meticulous observation of natural and urban spaces with political and metaphysical speculation; it pitches adroitly playful experiments with the stuff of language against unvarnished chronicles... ... Read More

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  Lyndon Davies’ fourth collection takes a high-dive into the vast but weirdly personal and particular mysteries of place and belonging. Shifting through forms, registers and perspectives, part journal, part improvisation, part hallucination, Bridge 116 explores a vision... ... Read More

Suze de Lee cover front

Suze de Lee


Soemps wears its hearts and voices on its richly embroidered sleeves. Hypnotically accumulative, drifting through memory, emotion and fantasy, it's a colloquy and play-poem celebrating the singularities and multiplicities of the self; the shifts and constancies, distances and sudden... ... Read More

Reduced Confessional Sonnets Front cover_edited-1

Anthony Mellors

Confessional Sonnets

"What are these sonnets anyway but moths / without candles or crow's pickings from which / allusions to yellow archangel stem / already over-determined but may / be deployed as ornamental ground-cover" Anthony... ... Read More


David Greenslade


Here street signs, street lettering and street text become poems. No longer reminding, instructing, identifying and informing - signs announce their individual voices. They cheer and mourn, reflect, object, speculate and mythologise. ‘To the shops’ becomes a slip of the tongue,... ... Read More

Swansea Automatic Front Cover

Rhys Trimble


"Swansea Automatic is Rhys Trimble's most ambitious work to date, and it confirms his status as the most inventive young poet in Wales".      (John Goodby)  In 1973, Bernadette Mayer and others, including... ... Read More

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Graham Hartill, Phil Maillard, Chris Torrance

Slipping the Leash

  This book selects from the work of three much-published poets, Graham Hartill, Phil Maillard and Chris Torrance, who all moved to Wales in the 1970's.... ... Read More

white city

Steven Hitchins

the ‘White City’

  Steven Hitchins' the White City is a participatory sensing expedition that allows readers to explore the streets of Rhydyfelin, a suburb of Pontypridd in the South... ... Read More

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Lyndon Davies


The Colomber, a mysterious shark-like creature, borrowed from a short story by Dino Buzzati, presides over Lyndon Davies‘ third collection of poetry. The mariners’... ... Read More

About Aquifer

Aquifer Books, based in Powys, publishes collections of poetry with an experimental edge, but also wants to delve into the kinds of writing that writers and artists do in the in-between places, in, for instance, notebooks, diaries, letters, email exchanges, journals and so on. Aquifer also hopes to experiment with new combinations and configurations of work in various genres and media, bringing writers together with practitioners in quite other fields of expertise. Editor: Lyndon Davies PLEASE NOTE: UNSOLICITED MANUSCRIPTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. WE CANNOT... ... Read More

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