Sea Level

Ice founders notional

emergency crack outsourced

through tide out of time’s

layer-cake soot and organza

surge reverberation

unlocks adhesion-stacks

rearing and nodding like sea-fauns

as boards twist

first then disappear

under wallows she works quick

and gets over it before air

runs out jolly couch

rum complement of survivals

samplers and billet-doux

on the wave alive o

still waving o and alive o

as a prayer as a book

swung up like a grappling hook

light hurts where it sticks

no affinity for rescue

neither here nor wherever

the fever pays out

gross hectic as nigh plash tickles

cough in a drowned room

in a drowned house


From A Colomber in the House of Poesy (Aquifer 2014)

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